Jack Heisse Memorial Poetry Contest

Posted by Kiera Hufford on August 21, 2017
Jack Heisse Contest Header

The newly-crowned Champlain College Center for Publishing would like to present the Jack Heisse Memorial Poetry Contest. Jack donated money for years to the College’s literary events, as well as Willard & Maple. So, in collaboration with Professor Jim Ellefson, we’ve decided to open a contest in his honor.
Submissions will be open from August 28, 2017 through November 24, 2017. Manuscript submissions should be emailed to champpublishing@champlain.edu with the subject line, “Jack Heisse Poetry Submission.” Submissions will be read by 2 or 3 judges who are unaffiliated with Champlain College in order to prevent any bias.

Submission Guidelines


  • Submit 20-30 poems, typed, 12-point Times New Roman and with preferred format. No more than one poem per page. Page numbers should be in the right bottom corner.

  • Submissions can be entirely previously unpublished. (If including previously published work, please note where the piece was first published in an “Acknowledgements” section.)

  • Poems may tell a story or theme, if desired.

  • Poems should be organized in the sequence in which you’d like them to appear in the final chapbook, if chosen (e.g. group poems by theme/style or create sections).

  • Consider rhythm, mood, and the overall unity of your poems. Remember that the first poem sets the mood/tone for the manuscript.

  • Use consistent title format (of your choosing).

  • Manuscript should have a title.

  • There’s no limit or requirement on form. If desired, your submission could be compiled of 20-30 haikus as the quality of your work will speak for itself.

The grand prize winner will have their chapbook published by the Champlain College Center for Publishing. The winner will be notified and announced on our site on December 15 (subject to change depending on volume of submissions). All other submitters will have 1-2 of their poems published in a zine, as we’d like to acknowledge all of the great work we receive.

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