Books and Videos: Colliding for Kids

For a self-published author, it’s not just about writing the book. In fact, sitting down to type out the manuscript is only half the battle. You could have the most beautiful and intriguing prose man has ever seen, but if you don’t also have a good marketing plan, no one will ever actually see it.


As it has with most modern marketing strategies, the internet has become a powerful tool for dispersing information and drumming up excitement about upcoming book launches. Social media campaigns connect writers directly with their audiences and allow for interactions between author and reader that we’ve never seen before. Sites like Facebook and Twitter also support other newer forms of marketing, like book trailers.


A book trailer is, essentially, just like a movie trailer. Several big name publishers like Scholastic and Random House regularly publish book trailers on their YouTube channels. If done well, a book trailer could potentially go viral, spreading like wildfire in our increasingly image-driven society.


Children and teenagers are perhaps the most susceptible audience for this type of marketing. Data gathered by Scholastic reports that almost half of parents don’t think their children spend enough time reading books for fun. And who can blame them? Media is constantly competing for their attention, throwing flashing lights and loud music at them from every direction. It’s no wonder fewer kids are spending their free time immersed in books.


It would seem as though the only way to get kids off of the internet and into books would be to first bring those books to the internet. Showing young people videos about books is the perfect way to get them interested in the books themselves. In fact, if you search “book trailers” on Google, many of the first sites that pop up are catered specifically towards children and teens. Even Random House’s YouTube page boasts a special playlist entitled “Random House Teens,” which is their largest grouping of book trailers.


Developing book trailers is the logical next step for book marketing. The old strategies just don’t cut it anymore, and publishers and indie authors alike are catching on. For authors writing for young adults and children, book trailers are even more promising marketing campaigns.


We live in an increasingly digital age, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t reading. It simply means that authors need to find different ways to reach those readers. Social media campaigns and video book trailers are the perfect vehicles for moving forward to market their books. So take your time writing that manuscript; polish it up and make it flawless. But don’t stop there! Let people know about it. Let everybody know about it: put it on video.