The Collaboration Behind Champlain’s “Collective” Magazine

At Champlain Publishing, we often find ourselves collaborating on projects with other groups of talented Champlain College students and faculty members. I recently sat down with Danielle Campo, the Marketing Director and Web and Digital Design Manager of Collective, a magazine about Champlain Graphic Design students created by the Publication II class, to chat about the project.


Collective is the second magazine to come from a semester-long collaborative project between the Publication II class and the Champlain College Publishing Initiative. The aim of this semester’s magazine is to capture genuine student-centered stories that give voice to the community and culture of Champlain. This theme came about after international student Jess Tweed observed that “there’s so much at Champlain and people have their own unique quirks.”


Collective aims to embrace these quirks and give voice to people that may not normally be highlighted. They drew inspiration from Humans of New York, a photography project that captures passersby on New York City streets and interviews them about their lives. The magazine includes sections on style, visual narratives, literature, and activities, as well as several feature stories. It includes all facets of student work, from highlighting the illustrations of student artist Alex Kosik, to poems from student writers. All of this is accompanied by seamless graphic design.


Danielle says that the process of creating Collective was extremely collaborative. Every member of the class was assigned to two departments, and everyone worked together to design the table of contents, the covers, and the parting shot. They’d do different sections every week, bring their individual designs to class, and discuss each piece. Then all designers made edits on every piece. Danielle said that the most exciting part of working on Collective was that it was “really cool to see people’s excitement through design. Also, it’s a real life experience communicating with writers and photographers.” The process of design and writing coming together can be challenging, but Danielle says that communicating with their writers and giving each other good constructive criticism is vital.


For more, make sure to check out their Instagram: @collective_magazine.