Go Behind the Scenes of “Publishing: Digitized and Personalized”

By now you’ve probably heard of Champlain Publishing’s newest publication, Publishing: Digitized and Personalized. Wait, you mean to tell me that you haven’t heard a peep about it? Well, start here! Publishing: Digitized and Personalized is a series of essays focused on the ever-shifting publishing industry and how it merges with the digital world. It was edited by Champlain alumna Colleen Rooney and will hit the ground running on February 3. But before that, we think it’s time you met the team behind the publication.


Colleen Rooney, Head Editor


Colleen is a Champlain alumna, graduate of the Professional Writing program with a specialization in the publishing industry. During her time as a Champlain College Publishing Initiative intern, Colleen oversaw the collection and editing of these essays from the Publishing in the 21st Century class. With a team of two editors, she completed the editing process of the book before finishing up her internship—leaving the publication in the hands of Champlain College Publishing Initiative.


Kiera Hufford, Manager and Copy Editor


Kiera is a junior Professional Writing major at Champlain. At the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester, she took on the project left by Colleen to oversee it’s publication and handle the copyediting process. After a couple of tireless weeks spent combing through the publication and unifying the format, she handed off the manuscript to Champlain’s copyediting class for the first round of proofreading, completed the returned edits, and started working closely with Champlain Publishing’s Event Coordinator and Marketing Strategist to prepare the book launch.


Elise Price, Proofreader


Elise is a senior Professional Writing major at Champlain. On staff as a copyeditor and proofreader, Elise completed the final round of proofreading for Publishing: Digitized and Personalized before sending it to layout.


Emma Reed, Graphic Designer


Emma is a senior Graphic Design major at Champlain. She was responsible for designing the front and back cover and the layout of the publication. She decided on the colors, designs, and fonts that she felt would best fit the publication—and you won’t be disappointed. Emma’s crowning touches are the in-book designs above certain chapter heads that are reminiscent of the cover.


Michelle Nguyen, Event Coordinator


Michelle is a senior Professional Writing major at Champlain. Among many other events with Champlain College Publishing Initiative, Michelle worked to plan Publishing: Digitized and Personalized‘s book launch. She oversaw the development of the project, planning the best time and location and coordinating the needed materials.


Maggie Bean, Marketing Strategist


Maggie is a senior Management of Creative Media major at Champlain. Maggie worked closely with Kiera to develop a marketing strategy for the publication of the book. Centered around the book launch, she devised a plan that would highlight different aspects of the book and draw people into the event. She worked with Michelle to figure out the best time and location, marketing-wise, and looked at how the choices would impact our potential audience.
Be sure to come out to the book launch on February 3 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Champlain Art Gallery! Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your colleagues. The event is free and open to the public!