Join Us for the Return of the Willard & Maple Cabaret

As a senior, I remember—as I hope many other Professional Writing majors my age do—a little something that happened two years ago: the Willard & Maple Cabaret.


A cultivator of the Champlain College creative community, the event featured everything from poetry reading, to prose reading, to live music, to improv comedy; I wouldn’t even be surprised if the event had allowed some sort of ephemeral performance art at one point or another. Sponsored by our on-campus literary magazine, the Cabaret was an event like no other. It truly was one of the best outings for students who wanted to show off their written work or who wanted to perform for a crowd of their own peers. The Willard & Maple Cabaret has always been known for showcasing a lot of the expressive work that comes out of this institution, while also ensuring that that fountain of creativity keeps flowing into every new school year—one of the many perks of having the event on Admitted Students Day.


Yes, the Willard & Maple Cabaret truly was a staple for any Champlain College student, prospective or otherwise. As such, I was—as I’m sure many of my peers were—saddened to see this event vanish for a year. Now a year may not seem like too much time, sure, but personally I felt like something wholesome and expressive was missing from that spring semester without a Cabaret.


Furthermore, I considered it a great disservice to the future of Champlain College to not have this event. I mean, how else do you get new writing students really interested in Champlain if there aren’t enough events designed around showcasing student writing? The answer is, you can’t. Or at least, you can’t do it as effectively. This school needs the Willard & Maple Cabaret!


Well folks, push those melancholy feelings aside! As Willard & Maple‘s Editor-in-Chief, it is with great pride that I officially announce that the Willard & Maple Cabaret is back in business! Poetry, prose, music, improv, even food—it’s all making a comeback in just a few short weeks. We of the Willard & Maple staff have worked long and hard to make this event a reality once more, and we’re very pleased to have this opportunity to show people what we do as part of Willard & Maple with a true-to-form presentation of the creative work brought to us by the Champlain College student body.


The Willard & Maple Cabaret’s triumphant return will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017 in the Morgan Room of Aiken Hall (83 Summit St, Burlington, VT 05401). Doors open at 5:00 p.m. and close at 7:00 p.m., and we welcome any and all readers, listeners, or participants to join in on the fun. Hope to see you all there, and as always, keep on writing.