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Willard & Maple

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Willard & Maple is a student-run literary magazine based out of Champlain College. Our staff shuffles from class to class in all seasons of Vermont weather until they take off their masks to read submissions and decide what we put in our magazine.

Practical Freelancing

Written by Tim Brookes and Financial Advisor and Entrepreneurship teacher Christine Moriarty, this is a graduate’s guide to finding freelance writing jobs. The book offers advice on networking, time and money management, and finding emotional support. It shares the experiences of nine entrepreneurial students who made names for themselves while still in their teenage years.

From the Watering Hole to the Big Top

Illustrated by Jerry Geier and written by Laura Mahoney, From the Watering Hole to the Big Top is a children’s story about leaving home, travelling across the world, and a natural disaster that leads to the creation of the world’s first all-animal circus. It was published in 2013. Sculptor Geier, once a lawyer in Vermont,

The Short, Sweet Guide to Dialogue

The ability to skillfully write dialogue is essential to all writers, whether journalists or playwrights. Yet many writers lack the ability to write such valuable dialogue, let alone how to properly punctuate it. That’s where this book comes in. The Short, Sweet Guide to Dialogue, published in 2009 and written by Tim Brookes and Natalia

East Slade, Maine

East Slade, Maine by Christopher Lawless captures the mystery of forgotten places, and the history of lost people. Growing up in a small town in Western New York, Lawless realized the importance of family and self-sacrifice. These poems, which combine madness of imagery with sensual simplicity, are his way of memorializing his past and the

Lost Generation: The Story of a Sudanese Orphan

Lost Generation: The Story of a Sudanese Orphan has an unusually noble purpose: to raise funds for the New Sudan Jonglei Orphans Foundation (NSJOF), the non-profit organization Peter Garang Deng founded so Sudanese orphans might have the chance of an education. Deng himself was orphaned at the age of five and passed from one cruel

The Hot Pink Meltdown

Not exactly a sequel to her first play 25 Squirrels but more like a cousin who hangs out on the same threadbare couch, The Hot Pink Meltdown is another signature Ali Wisch play, this time featuring a toilet painted neon pink. Once again her dead-on ear for slacker dialogue and her expert knowledge of the

25 Squirrels

Ali Wisch’s first play, 25 Squirrels is a comedy about a group of twenty-something slackers, a series of increasingly bad decisions, and a dead cat. Ali graduated from Champlain College in 2009 and now works as the Chief Brand and Culture Officer at Shipyard Rehearsals in Boston. Her play was published with the assistance of

Endangered Alphabets

The goal of the Endangered Alphabets Project is to preserve most of the world’s vanishing writing systems by carving them in boards of beautiful Vermont curly Maple. With an introduction by David Crystal, author of The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, the book aims to raise questions about writing itself: how it develops, what it expresses


A Stonehenge is a three-sentence prose haiku that captures a fleeting moment and ends with an arresting and transformative piece of action. It is a vivid memory, sharply described. Stonehenge, published in 2012, is a collection of the most vivid and powerful student works to date, accompanied by striking visual images. The first edition was