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Pulitzer or Bust

“Read a lot, take your writing seriously, have courage, and take risks.” Pulitzer or Bust, published in 2011, offers valuable information to student writers — advice from those who have already been through the same struggles and come out on the other side. Edited by Champlain College Alum Trish Tomlins, the book shares quotes and

First-Time Author

First-Time Author doesn’t tell readers how to write their book; instead, it highlights the ways in which someone setting out to write a book for the first time may go wrong, and how to survive confusion, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. Published in 2014, its production and release was managed in part by a CCPI student working

My Own CEO

Robert Bloch is the director for Champlain College’s innovative BYOBiz entrepreneurial program. In 2012, he published My Own CEO, a set of dialogues between Bloch and nine entrepreneurially minded college students who followed their instincts and discovered their passions. CCPI students transcribed the interviews, edited and copyedited the book, shot the photographs, and worked with

Thirty Percent Chance of Enlightenment

What started as a National Geographic assignment to watch a monsoon in India turned into an adventure for author Tim Brookes. Along the way, he learned the history of the umbrella and the spiritual dangers of plumbing, crashed a Hindu wedding, and was left ankle-deep in a holy river where the temple elephants bathe. Tim

Emotional Eating With Diabetes

Emotional Eating with Diabetes, published in 2012, is about overcoming the eating-related challenges associated with diabetes, a disease that revolves around food. This can sometimes lead to using food in a self-destructive manner to cope with the tremendous emotional and mental burden that comes with managing diabetes. Author Ginger Vieira helps those with diabetes build

Your Diabetes Science Experiment

Living with diabetes involves dealing with many challenges on a daily basis and can be overwhelming. Author Ginger Vieira shares her experiences with type 1 diabetes to discuss how to combat insulin resistance, how different parts of normal life impact insulin sensitivity and how to adjust your insulin doses for meals, background insulin needs and

Pigs! Under the Post Office?

Pigs! Under the Post Office? is a humorous picture book about three pigs, a postmaster and a wild mud storm. It was written by Kristin Van Aken and illustrated by Matthew Gauvin and published in 2013. Matthew Gauvin has illustrated 12 books and now lives in East Burke, Vermont; Van Aken has been the postmaster

The People of Townshend, Vermont

Karl Decker teamed up with CCPI students to feature his traveling exhibition of portraits and stories of small-town Vermonters in a 112-page book. Former newspaper editor and high school English teacher Decker is now a writer and photographer with roots in Monroe, Connecticut and Townshend, Vermont. Click here to buy the book on Decker’s website.

Sustainable Communities: Creating a Durable Local Economy

Bruce Seifer, Rhonda Phillips and Ed Antczak explore the balance of community planning, social enterprise development, energy and environment, food systems and cultural well-being, citing Burlington, Vermont as their example. Aimed at policymakers, development practitioners, students, and citizens, this book describes which and how multiple influences facilitate the creation of a local, durable and truly

The Price of Pride

The Price of Pride is a folktale from the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh published for indigenous schoolchildren in English and three of endangered languages of the region. CCPI students worked on illustrations, layout and design for the book, published in 2014. Learn more about the effort to help the children of the Chittagong Hill