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Independent Booksellers Hit the Road

Posted by Jessica Demarest on July 5, 2017

Books on the go? A traveling bookstore? Sounds like every book lovers dream! Well, readers, you’re in luck. Because mobile bookstores are a trend taking off all over the country, and we here at CCPI seriously love it.   Now, before you get too excited, we don’t have a bookmobile here in Burlington—at least not

What Every Freelancer Needs to Know: For Personal Well-being

Posted by Jessica Demarest on April 5, 2017

If you tuned into last week’s blog post, you know a few technical tips for getting started as a freelancer. But what’s often less talked about is how to actually take care of yourself while freelancing. How do you maintain healthy relationships with your clients? What about work-life balance? We’re not exactly life coaches, but

What Every Freelancer Needs to Know: The Technical Stuff

Posted by Jessica Demarest on March 29, 2017

New to the freelancing world? Been here for a little while but still don’t really know what you’re doing? You’re not alone. Freelancing is a tricky business, especially if you’re new to the game. From invoices to contracts to scheduling to taxes—it can be a doozy. Your friends at CCPI know that, and quite a

Dear Professors: Choose Open Textbooks, Please

Posted by Jessica Demarest on February 15, 2017

I love getting new books. New textbooks, though? Those are another story. And it’s not just because I don’t find them as interesting as the books I might read for pleasure; it’s because textbooks are, for the most part, outrageously priced.   The College Board suggests that college students budget about $1,200 a year just

Author Spotlight: Taylor Covington Talks Crowdfunding

Posted by Jessica Demarest on January 11, 2017

Every organization has its legends, and Champlain Publishing is no exception. Having been around for about seven years now, we’ve seen quite a few faces pass through our proverbial doors. A recent Champlain alumna, Taylor Covington, served as Champlain Publishing’s Director of Outreach during her time on campus. We were sad to see her go when

Print Magazines Tackle New Challenges, And Some of Them Win

Posted by Jessica Demarest on December 14, 2016

When was the last time you stopped at a newsstand to pick up a new magazine? What about the last time you received a magazine subscription in the mail? For me personally, it’s been awhile.   It’s not like nobody is buying magazines anymore. Big brands like Better Homes and Gardens, owned by Meredith Corporation,

Yes, Gender Inequality (Still) Exists in Publishing

Posted by Jessica Demarest on October 12, 2016

What if I told you that earlier this year studies reported a 10 percent increase in the number of top medical papers published by a female lead? I know what my first reaction would be: joy, happiness, pride, finally. It’s no secret that inequality remains a problem in our country, especially within the sciences. Women are

Q&A with Poet and Memoirist Kim Addonizio

Posted by Jessica Demarest on September 27, 2016

If you’ve been following the most recent Champlain Publishing news, you probably know that there are some pretty cool events heading your way. We’re teaming up with the Division of Communication and Creative Media Speaker Series to bring you the celebrated poet Kim Addonizio. On Monday, October 3 at 7PM, she’ll be reading from her two

Adaptations: A Tricky Business

Posted by Jessica Demarest on March 21, 2016

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about books that are adapted into movies. The movies usually stem from books that a) are popular with the masses; b) would make a cool film; or c) are completely and utterly heart-wrenching.   Everyone feels differently about movie adaptations, especially when the book is one of your favorites.