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Creating Your Personal Brand as a Writer

Posted by Emma Reed on May 17, 2017

Branding. We hear that word a lot nowadays. The first thing you probably think of is graphic design or big corporations. However, writers (now more than ever) also need to consider building their personal brands as they begin to put their work out in the world.   The word branding is used widely today, and

Ask Yourself: Do We Really Need Small Presses?

Posted by Kiera Hufford on April 26, 2017

Small presses—otherwise known as indie publishers—are a lot of people’s go-to for their first novel, anthology, etc. Why? Because it’s hard to get a deal with one of the Big Five. They have to see potential in you as an author and, frankly, it’s a little intimidating—especially since they’re known to give unprecedented multi-million dollar

So You Want To Be A Copyeditor… Or Developmental Editor… Or Proofreader?

Posted by Elise Price on April 19, 2017

When I first began editing, I used the word as a blanket term for pretty much anything I did. Corrected some spelling? Editing. Reworded a sentence that didn’t contain parallel structure? Editing. Commented to the author that I’d like to see more of a minor character who I thought could be important later on? Editing.

Join Us for the Return of the Willard & Maple Cabaret

Posted by Dominic Rizzo on April 12, 2017

As a senior, I remember—as I hope many other Professional Writing majors my age do—a little something that happened two years ago: the Willard & Maple Cabaret.   A cultivator of the Champlain College creative community, the event featured everything from poetry reading, to prose reading, to live music, to improv comedy; I wouldn’t even be

What Every Freelancer Needs to Know: For Personal Well-being

Posted by Jessica Demarest on April 5, 2017

If you tuned into last week’s blog post, you know a few technical tips for getting started as a freelancer. But what’s often less talked about is how to actually take care of yourself while freelancing. How do you maintain healthy relationships with your clients? What about work-life balance? We’re not exactly life coaches, but

What Every Freelancer Needs to Know: The Technical Stuff

Posted by Jessica Demarest on March 29, 2017

New to the freelancing world? Been here for a little while but still don’t really know what you’re doing? You’re not alone. Freelancing is a tricky business, especially if you’re new to the game. From invoices to contracts to scheduling to taxes—it can be a doozy. Your friends at CCPI know that, and quite a

Playing in the Game of Exploitation

Posted by Kiera Hufford on March 22, 2017

Writing can be a dangerous business—especially when you’re inexperienced. Young writers are hungry for exposure and for opportunities to make themselves known, and I’ll openly admit that I’m no exception. Seeing my name in a byline is satisfying, no matter where the piece is published, and it’s a feeling I haven’t gotten tired of.  

Book Design 101

Posted by Emma Reed on March 15, 2017

Book design has been an ongoing art since the Middle Ages, and it continues to grow and evolve even now in the twentieth century. It is ever-important as we are bombarded by more and more imagery every day. How can an author have their book stand out on a shelf with hundreds of other books

Champlain Writer’s Newsletter

Posted by Kiera Hufford on March 13, 2017

Welcome to the Champlain Writer’s newsletter! Each edition features a new selection of places to submit, tools for writers, and prompts (for those suffering from the dreaded writer’s block). Check out the upcoming events to see what’s happening on or around campus.   Where Can I Submit My Work?   Some of the featured magazines


How Corporate Buyouts Become a Diversity Issue

Posted by Elise Price on March 8, 2017

Last year, Ashgate Publishing officially closed after it was bought out by the larger company Informa, owner of the Taylor & Francis publishing house, in 2015.   The company opened its doors in 1967 and was based in the United Kingdom, with an office in London as well as a US-based office in Burlington, Vermont.