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Go Behind the Scenes of “Publishing: Digitized and Personalized”

By now you’ve probably heard of Champlain Publishing’s newest publication, Publishing: Digitized and Personalized. Wait, you mean to tell me that you haven’t heard a peep about it? Well, start here! Publishing: Digitized and Personalized is a series of essays focused on the ever-shifting publishing industry and how it merges with the digital world. It […]

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Kara Joyce Writing Forums

Author Spotlight: Kara Joyce Talks Writing Forums

Champlain Publishing’s latest project, Publishing: Digitized and Personalized, is set to launch on February 3. This particular collection of essays explores aspects of the publishing industry as it expands into a digital world. With topics ranging from digital printing to crowdfunding, this anthology is sure to teach you quite a bit about the adaptations publishing has […]

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Author Spotlight: Taylor Covington Talks Crowdfunding

Every organization has its legends, and Champlain Publishing is no exception. Having been around for about seven years now, we’ve seen quite a few faces pass through our proverbial doors. A recent Champlain alumna, Taylor Covington, served as Champlain Publishing’s Director of Outreach during her time on campus. We were sad to see her go when […]

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The Collaboration Behind Champlain’s “Collective” Magazine

At Champlain Publishing, we often find ourselves collaborating on projects with other groups of talented Champlain College students and faculty members. I recently sat down with Danielle Campo, the Marketing Director and Web and Digital Design Manager of Collective, a magazine about Champlain Graphic Design students created by the Publication II class, to chat about the […]

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Practical Freelancing

Written by Tim Brookes and Financial Advisor and Entrepreneurship teacher Christine Moriarty, this is a graduate’s guide to finding freelance writing jobs. The book offers advice on networking, time and money management, and finding emotional support. It shares the experiences of nine entrepreneurial students who made names for themselves while still in their teenage years. […]

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East Slade, Maine

East Slade, Maine by Christopher Lawless captures the mystery of forgotten places, and the history of lost people. Growing up in a small town in Western New York, Lawless realized the importance of family and self-sacrifice. These poems, which combine madness of imagery with sensual simplicity, are his way of memorializing his past and the […]

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