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Published CCPI projects


Pigs! Under the Post Office?

Pigs! Under the Post Office? is a humorous picture book about three pigs, a postmaster and a wild mud storm. It was written by Kristin Van Aken and illustrated by Matthew Gauvin and published in 2013. Matthew Gauvin has illustrated 12 books and now lives in East Burke, Vermont; Van Aken has been the postmaster

The People of Townshend, Vermont

Karl Decker teamed up with CCPI students to feature his traveling exhibition of portraits and stories of small-town Vermonters in a 112-page book. Former newspaper editor and high school English teacher Decker is now a writer and photographer with roots in Monroe, Connecticut and Townshend, Vermont. Click here to buy the book on Decker’s website.

Sustainable Communities: Creating a Durable Local Economy

Bruce Seifer, Rhonda Phillips and Ed Antczak explore the balance of community planning, social enterprise development, energy and environment, food systems and cultural well-being, citing Burlington, Vermont as their example. Aimed at policymakers, development practitioners, students, and citizens, this book describes which and how multiple influences facilitate the creation of a local, durable and truly

The Price of Pride

The Price of Pride is a folktale from the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh published for indigenous schoolchildren in English and three of endangered languages of the region. CCPI students worked on illustrations, layout and design for the book, published in 2014. Learn more about the effort to help the children of the Chittagong Hill

Interactive iBook for Dante’s Divine Comedy

CCPI’s proof-of-concept work on Dante Alighieri’s epic poem The Divine Comedy was one of the first interactive digital textbooks to include artwork, music, a hyperlinked glossary, and student-based writing response. CCPI students worked with University of Vermont literature professor Tom Simone on the project, which was completed in 2013.

The World’s Children Online

The World’s Children Online was a web-based project that published writing on children’s health in Bangladesh and Haiti in partnership with Writers Without Borders and The American Academy of Pediatrics. The project was completed in 2011.

On the Front Lines of Public Health

CCPI students designed and laid out this groundbreaking report on infectious disease on behalf of The Institute for Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research in Bangladesh. On the Front Lines of Public Health was published in 2010. Visit IEDCR’s website to learn more about what they do:

Your Internship

Featured Project

Champlain graduate Molly Abrahamson writes from the vantage point of a college senior to provide a clear, sympathetic, helpful, funny guide to help undergraduate students through the daunting but ultimately rewarding process of securing and surviving their first internships. Your Internship: How to Find, Land It, Survive it and Make the Most of It on

Tuned-In Family

Featured Project

An engaging parenting guide, Tuned-In Family is based on the digital philosophy that holding conversations about technology use in families is essential. Elaine Young writes about creating boundaries in an online world that align with family values. The book was published in 2014. CCPI students edited, designed, and laid out the print book and eBook

Best Student Creative Nonfiction

Featured Project

Best Student Creative Non-Fiction is an anthology for young writers, arranged in a developmental sequence that demonstrates the stages that build up to a major finished piece. These are 14 compelling stories about sex, drugs and, death; they are about self-discovery; they take risks. This is an anthology meant just for writers. The first edition