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Are Sensitivity Readers Valuable to the Publishing Process?

Have you ever heard of sensitivity readers? I hadn’t until a few months ago when I was stumbling around on the internet and came across a few articles discussing their relevancy. Sensitivity readers are what they sound like: people who are paid to read a novel and flag content that is offensive or inaccurately portrays […]

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Champlain Publishing Newsletter

Welcome to Champlain Publishing’s newsletter! Each edition features a new selection of places to submit, tools for writers, and prompts (for those suffering from the dreaded writer’s block). Check out the upcoming events to see what’s happening on or around campus.   Where Can I Submit My Work?   Some of the featured magazines accept […]

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Amazon Moves into Their Own Space

So what’s Amazon up to now? You may have heard some buzz about their brand new brick-and-mortar bookstore, called Amazon Books, that opened in Seattle in early November. I know, right? Why would this electronic giant need a physical bookstore? The Seattle-based store is meant to give shoppers a more traditional book-buying experience.

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Book Packaging: Another Point on the Spectrum

You’ve all heard of the fairytale traditional publishing success story; author writes a book, author sends book to publishing company, publisher loves it, book gets published and becomes a national bestseller. Okay, so maybe it’s a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea. Continue reading

Good News for Indie Authors

If you’re a self-published author, you understand the struggle of trying to get your book out into the world. Not only do indie authors pour countless hours of hard work into their writing, but they also face a boatload of marketing challenges, especially when it comes to finding a place to sell their creations.

Many authors turn to the Internet, using websites like Amazon and Blurb to garner sales. What’s more difficult, however, is getting their book featured in the window, or even on the shelves, of a brick-and-mortar bookstore. Big box stores carry hundreds of titles, many of which come from big name publishers and are written by extremely popular authors. With so much competition, traditional bookstores are a battlefield for self publishers.

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Publishing Goes Beyond Print

We’re students striving to break ground in audio publishing by releasing an audiobook of The Driveway Diaries by Tim Brookes. Returning to the oral tradition, the entire audiobook is narrated by Tim, and will be published through Audible. We’re doing it all—working with our author, recording and editing, creating marketing strategies, and tweeting like maniacs. […]

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The dirty word that might not be so dirty anymore

For years, self-publishing has been somewhat of a dirty word in the book industry. While some authors jumped on the bandwagon early on, many more have clung to tradition, doing everything in their power to distance themselves from the writers gone rogue. To self-publish was to break from the norm, circumventing the traditional publishing system to push one’s book out into the world. Going indie was the equivalent of a subversive, traitorous act against the institutional powers that be.

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