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What’s the BUZZ? The Mating Ritual of the Honey Bee.

Ever wonder about the “bees” part of “the birds and the bees?” Well, turns out it isn’t all lollipops and rainbows. The queen of the colony is only there to produce baby bees and the drones (the only male bees in the colony) are only there to provide their services to the queen. Continue reading

What’s the BUZZ? Featuring Beatrice, the Worker Bee.

Why, hello there! I see you have come back to learn about us worker bees! I’m sure your visit with the queen was quite the experience. Unlike Queen Bella, who doesn’t use her wings very much, we worker bees are using them constantly. Really, how do you survive without any wings? I use them to fly out of the hive to gather nectar and help pollinate other plants while I’m out and about.

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