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Design & Publishing: 5 Tidbits of Wisdom for Anyone Just Starting Out

I like to believe that I have it all figured out—at least when it comes to design.    That may not be true,  but as a graphic designer with a publishing initiative, I’ve definitely learned a few things along the way. Graphic design and publishing go hand in hand. When an author writes something, they […]

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Shedding Light on the Publishing Industry

“Print is dead.”


You’ve probably heard this before. Many believe this statement is the end-all for this form of publishing. On the other hand, there are publishers everywhere breathing a sigh of relief as they read of the abatement of the eBook trend. The constant tug-of-war between these mediums points to a larger problem: the out-dated, over-complicated, and increasingly expansive system through which people publish their written work. Of course, we can point to the emergence of new technologies and industries as a primary reason for the convolutedness of the publishing industry. But what can be done? Continue reading

Thriving in Print

Print is not dead. This bold statement still remains true to this day. There is an innumerable amount of creative and prominent books on the market. However, if you want your book to get noticed, you have to get creative.The logic is simple: for any book to be successful right off the shelf, it’s got to catch the reader’s eye.

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