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Are Sensitivity Readers Valuable to the Publishing Process?

Have you ever heard of sensitivity readers? I hadn’t until a few months ago when I was stumbling around on the internet and came across a few articles discussing their relevancy. Sensitivity readers are what they sound like: people who are paid to read a novel and flag content that is offensive or inaccurately portrays […]

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How Corporate Buyouts Become a Diversity Issue

Last year, Ashgate Publishing officially closed after it was bought out by the larger company Informa, owner of the Taylor & Francis publishing house, in 2015.   The company opened its doors in 1967 and was based in the United Kingdom, with an office in London as well as a US-based office in Burlington, Vermont. […]

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Scientific Publishing Opens Doors in India

If there’s anything U.S. writers take for granted, it’s a place to publish their work. There’s definitely no guarantee it will ever see the light of day, but usually there’s at least one company to send it to. We’re lucky because this isn’t the case for other writers and scientists around the world who want […]

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Diversity: How Does Publishing Stack Up?

Everyone knows the U.S. still faces struggles around the issue of diversity, and unfortunately the publishing industry is no exception. We’ve still got a huge wage gap between men and women, and it’s largely being swept under the rug. There is still a lack of content being published by and for minorities. Things are looking pretty […]

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