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Champlain Writer’s Newsletter

Welcome to the Champlain Writer’s newsletter! Each edition features a new selection of places to submit, tools for writers, and prompts (for those suffering from the dreaded writer’s block). Check out the upcoming events to see what’s happening on or around campus.   Where Can I Submit My Work?   Some of the featured magazines […]

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But Is It Published?

Here at Champlain, our curriculum puts a huge emphasis on developing our professional images while we’re still in school. For us writing majors, that means taking a portfolio class each year during which we begin to build our professional portfolios and develop an online presence.

But what does having an online presence even mean? For me, it meant creating my own website that featured a blog, information about myself as a writer and editor, and a page where I could showcase some of my best work. The idea is that we’ll be able to reach out to other professionals through our websites.

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