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Profiles in Sustainability: Ben & Jerry’s Sustainability Event

During the Spring 2016 semester, a team of faculty members worked to design and run an event centered around Ben & Jerry’s and their social responsibility policy. The event was launched on April 3, 2016, and was the first time it had taken place.   “The [Stiller] School of Business decided to redesign an activity […]

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What’s the BUZZ? Christina Erickson on Sustainability

Christina Erickson discusses the logistics of the Green Revolving Fund, Champlain College’s Sustainability Program, the Apiary Project, and how she got to be Champlain’s Sustainability Director. She goes in-depth on these topics in an interview, conducted by a member of the Champlain College Publishing Initiative, where she talks about her future goals and what she’s hoping the community will get out of it.

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